This tiny fly is teaching the Air Force new aerial tactics

The robber fly's novel hunting tactics and visual processing capabilities could be applied to drones and airplanes

Louisa Cockbill


University of Bristol


Why the first vertebrates to leave the ocean learned to see before they could walk

Advanced eyesight might have paved the way for better brains and complex thought

Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University


A scientist explains why you should approach exciting microbiome news with caution

We know the microbiome is important to health, but we're still developing the tools to understand how and why

Ilana Arbisser

Computational Biology

Stanford University


Meet the "First Lady of Physics," "Queen of Nuclear Research," and destroyer of natural laws

Chien-Shiung Wu conducted some of the most elegant particle physics experiments of her time


We've poured thousands of manmade chemicals into the ocean. Now they're mixing in unpredictable ways.

We're just starting to learn about the effects of POP soup and what we can do about it.

Anna Robuck

Marine Science

University of Rhode Island


Meet the chemist who engineered the first effective treatment of leprosy

Alice Augusta Ballโ€™s died at the age of 24. Ninety years later, we finally started recognizing her contributions.


How studying fish camouflage can teach us to examine our biases

The human perspective isn't always the most useful one.

Andrea Schlunk

Marine Biology

University of Rhode Island


Will it ever be possible to measure subjective experience?

A animated journey into the questions of consciousness posed by Christof Koch and David Chalmers


Seagrass meadows protect fish, coral and humans from disease โ€“ and weโ€™re losing them

This seemingly mundane plant might be more important than we realize.

Megan Chen

Marine Biology

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


A researcher explains why cancer isn't mainly caused by bad luck

Understanding where mutations come from is key to fighting the disease.

Michael Badgley


Columbia University


Most of your favorite flowers are mutants

You'll never look at a rose the same way again.

Claire Meaders


Harvard University


4 incredible fossils found by paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey

Meet the British anthropologist who completely changed our understanding of the hominid ancestral tree


These Weird Ocean 'Aliens' Are Basically Invisible

Researchers didn't even realize they had caught one until they bumped into it.

Ashley Marranzino

Marine Biology

University of Rhode Island


Meet the woman who changed how we treat cancer

Jane Cooke Wright saved millions by making chemotherapy more effective


Meet the physicist who helped discover three fundamental particles

Most scientists spend their careers hoping for a single big discovery. Sau Lan Wu has had three and is still searching for more.