Training & Consortium Membership

All members start by participating in our initial training program. Initial training occurs over the course of 4-5 weeks and leads up to your first pitch. The process involves several steps, including storytelling and writing exercises emailed to you weekly that require your participation in the forum. After training, you should aim to be certified. This consists of proposing, writing, editing, and publishing your first two articles with us. Once you’ve published your first two articles, you are certified, and all subsequent articles you pitch, we accept, and we publish are paid according to our payment scale.

The goal of training is to help you become confident finding and pitching stories about complex science, writing about it in accessible language, and integrating edits to your work. It varies based on the experience of the writer, but typically the first article you pitch after training is a  paper translation article, and the second is a more complex op-ed or narrative-style article.

Because we understand that members have full time lab or research jobs, our training schedule is flexible. It takes around 4-5 weeks to go through the basic training process. Our mini-lessons will extend beyond 4 weeks to help you think about pitching other kinds of stories, writing peer-commentary for other members, and learning about other media formats, so training (and learning!) can technically last as long as you'd like. As we grow, we will also offer additional training modules and formats. Training does not necessarily mean you are published, but if we really love your pitch, we might ask you to flesh it out into a full story.

If you want to be certified with Massive, you will need to get two pitches accepted to be published. This can be hard, but most people manage to do it in 8-12 weeks. Remember, after we accept a pitch, you go through a collaborative, transparent edit process with our editorial team to whip your pitch into an accessible article. Certification denotes that you have successfully mastered story pitching and writing a science narrative to the extent that you are published on, a publication with exacting editorial standards.  

You can continue to be a member of Massive as long as you’d like. You can go from training in the basics→certification through publishing→pitching new story ideas. Accepted pitches after training will always be published. Remember, you don’t have to complete training or certification if you don’t want to, and you can still be a member of the consortium.

Once you have completed training, you can continue to pitch us stories, provide peer commentary, participate in other training that we offer as we grow, and be a part of our community. 

Member Benefits

  • Practical, online, interactive training in the Massive Method of telling science stories
  • One-on-one feedback from Massive’s staff on your training and stories
  • Certificate in narrative science storytelling training upon the completion of your first 2 stories, as defined in our editorial process documentation
  • Access to our members-only discussion forum
  • Access to our members-only pitch forums to hone and shape story ideas for consideration on and other partner publications
  • Access to our members-only scicomm, media and career resources library
  • Access to our yearly members-only conference (to be announced)
  • Access to audience feedback metrics on articles
  • Invitations to members-only meet-ups, newsletters, office hours and Q&As with expert guests
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive scicomm and science media opportunities
  • Discounts on advanced training from Massive and partner organizations
  • Request resume review, recommendations, and other career-oriented feedback from Massive staff and community

Last updated February 14, 2018