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Can nutritious eating improve mental health?

One participant in a study on Mediterranean diet went so far as to say she was 'born again'

Natalie Parletta

Psychology and Nutrition

University of South Australia

Can we make mental health diagnoses as routine as blood work?

My research team is searching the brain for clues

Matthew Scult


Duke University

Your mom is right: you probably need more sleep

Burning the midnight oil is likely burning you out, more and more science suggests

Jack Barton

Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Manchester

These researchers want to stop treating depression with trial and error

A promising startup is using deep learning to tailor treatments to patients

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds


McGill University

Comment 1 peer comment

Could raising our body temperature treat depression?

Hyperthermia could be more effective than anti-depressants, with fewer side effects

David Haggerty


Indiana University School of Medicine

Why scientists are exploring sleep deprivation as a treatment for depression

With an important caveat, losing sleep appears to have significant short-term effects on depression

Jack Barton

Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Manchester