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Our Mission

At Massive, we promise one thing: accurate, understandable, in-depth science stories directly from scientists.

No more misleading headlines, no more false promises, no more complex jargon. Learn about the research shaping our world – and how it impacts you – straight from the scientists and researchers on the cutting edge.

Science news from scientists.

Unlike other publications, we understand that science is an ongoing proccess of trying to understand the world, not a series of press releases. We don't try to turn every study into big news by blowing the results out of proportion or jumping to conclusions, like most science news does.

Instead, we work directly with researchers to transform papers in their field from complex, technical documents into stories that anyone – including other scientists – can understand and enjoy. We focus on eliminating jargon, adding storytelling and perspective, and teasing out the big questions the research is asking without sacrificing depth. 

Everyone should have access to science.

From the phone in your pocket to the pills in your medicine cabinet, the modern world is built with science. To thrive in today's economy and prepare for the future, everyone will need to understand the advances shaping our world. But unless you're a scientist at a top university, it's nearly impossible just to access important research, much less understand it. And even scientists can have a hard time understanding work in related fields.

Here's why:

We're different. Most of the work we do is free and available to everyone. We edit everything with a special focus on eliminating jargon without eliminating depth. And because we work directly with scientists who stake their name and reputation on the work they do for us, everything is accurate, interesting and in-depth without being blown out of proportion or making false promises.

This is just the beginning.

We believe that science should be accessible to everyone. The scientists we work with agree. Over time, we'll provide you with new ways to connect and interact with scientists – from online Q&As to live events to real, distributed research experiments you can participate in at home and beyond.

Join us.

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