Life is evolving through a hurricane of human pollution

Animals are adapting to pollutants in surprising and often costly ways

Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University

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Uncertain Futures

What will our climate look like going forward?

Beetles exploit bacteria labor to grow their exoskeletons

New research has revealed a "symbiotic organ" in weevils, showing how tiny organisms shape larger life

Melanie Silvis

Molecular Microbiology

UC San Francisco

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Expert Opinions

The most pressing issues in science illuminated by those who know them best: working scientists


Tiny Worlds

From the social network in the soil to the ecosystem in your body, it’s amazing what’s hidden just out of sight

Biodiversity doesn't just arise out of healthy ecosystems. It helps create them

Why researchers are starting to think differently about biodiversity

Cassie Freund


Wake Forest University


Brain Waves

Dispatches from the frontiers of neuroscience