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The Human Pangenome

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When the human genome was announced as completed, it wasn’t. The “finished” genome was filled with gaps, and was not representative of humanity’s genetic diversity. Now, the job is being finished and the end is in sight.

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The Eclipse that made Einstein Famous

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Sir Arthur Eddington's observations of an eclipse in 1919 catapulted Einstein to fame

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This mysterious substance is accelerating the expansion of our Universe

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Join an Oxford cosmologist in an animated exploration of dark energy

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Meet Grete Hermann, the philosopher of quantum physics

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She changed how we thought about truth not only in science, but in politics and ethics, too

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There are big gaps in our knowledge of black holes

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Watch astrophysicists Priyamvada Natarajan and Feryal Özel discuss the origins and behavior of black holes in our new animation

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How can we responsibly explore the unknown?

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Watch the final episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

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What are the consequences of creating an artificial intelligence?

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Watch the sixth episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

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What does it mean to be human when we can engineer our genetic code?

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Watch the fifth episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

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What happens when we make the world in our own image?

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Our earliest stone tools are related to modern genetic engineering tools like CRISPR