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The Massive Science Consortium is the community for advancing science communication.

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How to start writing for Massive

Are you onboarded as a consortium member and eager to contribute to Massive? Here's how, step by step:

  1. Finish the basic Massive Method storytelling training. As soon as you become a member, you'll begin getting emails from us with mini-lessons that will lead you to your first pitch. 
  2. For your first story pitch after training, pick a piece of peer-reviewed research to 'translate' for wider audiences. More on how to pick a paper here; a preview of our translation template is here.
  3. Read our pitch guidelines.
  4. Pitch us in the #pitches channel in our forum channel. Expect feedback and guidance from fellow members, your best resource of all.
  5. Once a Massive staffer has accepted you pitch, we will set you up in our content sharing system, and you can get started! (It's a good idea to check out our writing tips and style guide too.)
  6.  Meet your deadline, or communicate about why you can't.
  7. Massive will give you template feedback and the go-ahead to write your draft. Repeat steps 4-5. 
  8. Once we finish editing together, we'll run your work as soon as we can. We have final say on things like the story headline, but we try to work with you to get it as perfect and accessible as we can. Here's the basic workflow: 

Yay, the draft is published on Massive! What now?

Send your piece out on all your social networks so everyone can admire your awesome work. That means: post on Facebook, and ask your friends to share it far and wide! Tweet it, and tag any people or institutions you mentioned. Tell your colleagues. Email it to your parents.  

Then, pitch again! We are open to a variety of genres and approaches โ€“ and media. We do recommend that, for your second piece, you pitch a piece that will use our op-ed and personal essay template. There's a comprehensive list of other formats that might best fit your idea here.

Rinse and repeat.

Last updated March 7, 2018