How to Write and Format an Invoice

Last updated
August 25, 2021

When you complete a writing assignment, you will frequently be required to write an invoice. An invoice is simply a bill given to the outlet that tells them how much to pay you. Just like the bill you receive at the end of a restaurant meal, you just fed someone delicious facts, narrative, and emotion, and that costs money.

Writing an invoice is simple and there's no particular way they have to be formatted. It should contain all the following information that's easy to read at a glance:

  • Your name
  • Date of invoice
  • Your contact info, including phone number and billing address
  • The project(s) you're billing for
  • List of things you are billing for (for instance, if you are invoicing both for the fee associated with writing an article and asking for reimbursement for some cost you incurred in writing, you should list those separately)
  • The name of the outlet and its contact info (for your records)

That's it! You can format that however you like as long as all those details are clear and easy to find. Here is an example of the invoice Senior Editor Dan Samorodnitsky has used in the past. Feel free to use this for your own purposes and change it in whatever way you need.