Interviews in Articles

Last updated
August 25, 2021

If you want to conduct an interview for an article, or heck, have an entire conversation be an article, there are a few key steps for the pitch to be approved and article edited: 

  • Transcripts: You must submit transcripts of the interview, full stop. If you cannot provide verifiable transcripts, we won't proceed with the article. If the interview is conducted over email, create a PDF of the relevant emails (questions and answers) and submit that. Other text forms of communication are acceptable, like Signal/WhatsApp/etc. Please provide screenshots of conversations. 
  • Recording: If the interview takes place in person or over the phone, record it if the interviewee is willing to be recorded (if not, take notes by hand and ask the interviewee to approve your transcript). There are many recording devices available but just as many phone apps. For recording phone calls Massive likes ACR, Another Call Recorder, but search around and see what works best for you. If you have an audio recording of an interview please submit that. For transcribing audio, there are machine-based apps we like, like, or you can transcribe by hand using oTranscribe. For a comparison of other transcription options, including paid services, see this excellent Open Notebook article:

Because of its treatment of employees Massive generally frowns on Rev as a service, but whatever service you do use, make sure to edit the transcript for clarity yourself, as raw transcripts from humans and machines contain plenty of mistakes.