These corals love the warming oceans

Japanese coral communities are expanding in response to warming temperatures, but the effects could be disastrous

Gina Mantica


Tufts University


Climate change is rotting away Greenland's cultural heritage

Archaeologists are moving as fast as they can, but the past is slipping away

Julie Hollis


Government of Greenland


Need to check your blood sugar? Just scan your contact lens.

Smart contact lenses could soon be monitoring health problems, not just correcting eyesight

Kimberly McCoy



Climate is getting more extreme in every possible way

From precipitation to the carbon cycle to natural disasters, the outliers are now the norm.

Coleman Harris


Vanderbilt University

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Why is this huge group of deep sea octopus moms suffocating?

Year after year, stressed out broods of octopuses kept appearing. Biologists started getting curious

Rose Jones

Environmental Microbiology

Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Science


Saliva is just what we needed to create a new malaria vaccine

The mistake mosquitos made? Leaving their spit behind

Hannah Thomasy


University of Washington

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Humanity's viral stowaway is now a defense against our greatest diseases

Engineered viruses may be the key to HIV and tuberculosis vaccines

Josh Peters

Biological Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Next Human: Brain and Body as Connected Devices

Is there a difference if the tool is in our hand or if it is an implant in our brain?

Bahar Gholipour

Science Journalist


The world's oldest cave paintings were probably made by Neanderthals

For a long time, we thought our species were the only artists

Patty Hamrick


New York University


100 vignettes that will make you excited to talk about the weather

Andy Revkin and Lisa Mechaley's book tells the history of weather, from the creation of the atmosphere to today

Laura Mast

Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology


Even corals deep down on the ocean floor can’t escape humanity's impact

Climate change, industrial fishing, offshore drilling, and deep sea mining are all threats to life at the bottom of the sea

Sandra Brooke

Marine Biology

Florida State University


We're studying collapsed civilizations so that ours can endure climate change

Paleoclimatologists are digging into the connections between the collapse of Maya Civilization and extreme droughts

Brittany Ward

Geochemistry and Paleoclimatology

University of Waikato

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Meet Annie Easley, the barrier-breaking mathematician who helped us explore the solar system

She overcame life-long racial discrimination to complete a long and impactful career at NASA

Dan Samorodnitsky


Carnegie Mellon University


This mysterious substance is accelerating the expansion of our Universe

Join an Oxford cosmologist in an animated exploration of Dark Energy


Fewer crops are feeding more people worldwide – and that’s not good

Reduced agrobiodiversity threatens the stability of our whole food system

Karl Zimmerer


Pennsylvania State University