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Being a Pokémon Master in childhood permanently alters your brain

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Hours spent catching 'em all primes the brain to recognize familiar, pixelated Pikachus

Hannah Thomasy


University of Washington

Scientists are fostering public trust on social media, one selfie at a time

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A new study finds empirical evidence that #ScientistsWhoSelfie is an effective communication tool

Farah Qaiser

Molecular Genetics

University of Toronto

Reducing agricultural carbon emissions will be good for the planet and our stomachs

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From soil microbes to factory farming, the Green New Deal could radically improve our food system

Lauren McKee

Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Agricultural Science

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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Robyn Metcalfe hits dead ends in her quest to rethink agriculture

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"Food Routes" offers a futuristic vision, but only for a subset of the planet

Kevin Pels

Chemical Biology

The Scripps Research Institute