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Climate change is almost too big a problem to study. The solution? Volcanoes.

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Volcanoes blanketed by tropical rainforests are a natural laboratory to study climate change

Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University

Great minds think differently - supporting neurodiversity benefits scientific progress

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Academia needs to accept that not everyone’s brain functions in the same way.

Susanna Harris, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Juan Pablo Ruiz, University of Wisconsin - Madison

David Hu sells quirky research with an apartment full of snakes

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"How To Walk On Water And Climb Up Walls" welcomes readers to the strange world of biolocomotion

Laura Mast, Georgia Institute of Technology

The secret code of sea shells

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What drives artistically illiterate clams and snails to craft such perfection?

Harini Chakravarthy, Biochemistry