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Meet Katsuko Saruhashi, a resilient geochemist who detected nuclear fallout in the Pacific Read now →

Her deep belief that science and society were linked left a lasting impact

Laura Mast

Environmental Engineering

Georgia Institute of Technology

Here's why insect protein could be the next whey powder Read now →

Changing the way we think about protein may have a big impact on the environment

Shira Gordon


Meet Lise Meitner, the physicist who discovered how to split an atom Read now →

Her discovery of nuclear fission led the way to nuclear power—and the Cold War

Timothy J. Jorgensen

Public Health, Radiation Biology, and Cancer Epidemiology

Georgetown University

Need to check your blood sugar? Just scan your contact lens. Read now →

Smart contact lenses could soon be monitoring health problems, not just correcting eyesight

Kimberly McCoy