Maria Gatta

Ecology and Conservation Biology

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

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We still don't know much about marijuana farms' effects on wildlife

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A new study found that larger animals were less commonly found on cannabis farms as outside them

Maria Gatta

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Los datos producidos por los científicos no llegan a la gente que los necesita

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Las barreras de pago y lingüísticas hacen de los resultados científicos algo inaccesible para gestores y residentes

Maria Gatta

Scientists are producing data without sharing it with people who actually need it

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Paywalls and language barriers make results inaccessible for local managers and residents

Maria Gatta

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By avoiding pumas, deer are drastically changing the vegetation around them

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Animals' behaviors are shaped by fear of humans, and this, in turn, affects the plants they eat

Carpet pythons are the second-biggest predator of wild koalas

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New technology for koala tracking led to this discovery, uncovering a previously unknown ecological relationship between the two species

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Mountain lions switch up their sleep schedules to find prey in one of Patagonia's most extreme landscapes

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The nocturnal cats defy expectations and adapt to an evolving predator-prey game

Lauren Koenig

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Reintroducing sea otters is good for the environment and the economy, and both matter

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More sea otters are detrimental to fisheries income, but economic gains in other sectors outweigh these losses

Matthew Vandermeulen

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