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Science profoundly influences our understanding of what we eat, where our food comes from, and whether it's healthy or safe for us. We're making the science of food more accessible because everybody has a stake in a safe, healthy, and sustainable food system.

Organic food is booming, but it's grinding field laborers into the dirt

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The well-being of organic farmworkers is falling to the wayside as we rapidly increase our consumption of these premium products


Plant Biology and Agricultural Science

UC Berkeley

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It's easy to overlook where our meat comes from

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Inside the long, invisible supply chains transporting meat from slaughter to supermarket

Anastasia Gorelova

Molecular Pharmacology

University of Pittsburgh

Refrigeration slows – but doesn't stop – food rot. Now scientists know why

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Bacteria like E. coli have a system to recover from the cold

Melanie Silvis

Molecular Microbiology

UC San Francisco