Devang Mehta

Synthetic Biology

ETH Zurich

I'm developing new techniques to sequence viruses, as well as trying to create crops resistant to these viruses using genome editing.

Plants are not conscious, whether you can 'sedate' them or not

A New York Times story is a case study in what can go wrong in translating science

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Simulating evolution helped scientists design a better virus

It sounds like an arcane superpower. It boils down to random mutation and selection

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Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

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The prolific life of Wang Zhenyi, autodidact, astronomer, and poet

Progressive in science and art, she disregarded sexist norms of Qing-dynasty China

The Mother's Curse: how a French kingโ€™s legacy revealed a loophole in evolution

New research with roots in colonial Canada suggests new wrinkles in ideas of evolution

This biologist believes we should embrace human gene editing

It could free millions from preventable, predetermined suffering

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Should peer review stop being anonymous?

Prominent researchers can take the gamble, but junior scientists risk retribution

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A nuclear attack could be a lot like an asteroid strike

Nothing compares to the impact that killed the dinosaurs, but nuclear blasts are far more likely

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Low doses of contaminants, long ignored, can have vast consequences

Scientists found cocaine โ€“ and a lot of other chemicals โ€“ in Minnesota snow

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The brain treats questions about beliefs like physical threats. Can we learn to disarm it?

Street epistemologists are trying to give people 'the gift of doubt'

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Scientific knowledge is drowning in a flood of research

A comic about the problems with the -omics, illustrated by Matteo Farinella

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Is light pollution changing how plants do โ€“ย and don't โ€“ grow?

Plants depend on cycles of light. Now, they're always on

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We can no longer count on nature's 'self-correction' to curb warming

Plants are reaching their carbon-storage limit

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Toxic chemicals are being freed from melting glaciers

Scientists are finding decades-old DDT and PCB flowing from the Tibetan Plateau

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What ancient corn farmers can teach us about engineering crops for climate change

In the era of GMO crops, farmers can learn old lessons of diversity

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