Kelsey Lucas

Physiology, Marine Biology, and Ecology

Harvard University

Kelsey Lucas is a marine scientist at Harvard University, and a 2016-2017 Media Fellow working in science communications for the Learning Lab at the Bok Center for Teaching & Learning.

What fish fins can teach us about how humans move

Studying fins could have surprising applications for medicine, engineering, and robotics

How this beautiful, invasive jellyfish adapts to dominate foreign ecosystems

My team combined work in the field and the lab to understanding how comb jellies work

How stressed-out fish are teaching us about human heart disease

Farmed fish and office-bound humans face a common problem

Scientists are gluing teeth to power saws to learn how sharks eat

The cutting edge of science isn't always high-tech.

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How paper towels could revolutionize DNA analysis

A new method could make it more affordable to diagnose diseases

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We know terrifyingly little about how our bodies respond to pollutants, but that's changing

Fish DNA can change in response to pollution. What about the rest of us?

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