Science Heroes

We love highlighting scientists you may not have heard of, often with a gorgeous illustration by cartoonist and neuroscientist Matteo Farinella. We even developed a deck of cards to celebrate great, under-appreciated figures from the annals of science. You can order our tarot deck in the Massive Science Shop.

Meet Evelyn Boyd Granville, the mathematician who mass produced computers and shot Apollo into space

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One of the first Black women to earn a PhD in math, she worked on seemingly every major math project of the 20th century

Brittany Kenyon-Flatt, North Carolina State University

Meet Lynnae Quick, NASA's hunter of space cryomagma

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Only the fifth African American woman with a planetary sciences PhD, she's on the team hoping to first see Europa's geysers

Maryam Zaringhalam, Molecular Biology

Meet Alice Wilson, the Canadian geologist who did the work of five people

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Arianna Soldati, Ludwig-Maximillians Universitat Munchen

Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University