Science Heroes

We love highlighting scientists you may not have heard of, often with a gorgeous illustration by cartoonist and neuroscientist Matteo Farinella. We even developed a deck of cards to celebrate great, under-appreciated figures from the annals of science. You can pre-order our tarot deck in the Massive Science Shop.

Meet mathematician Emmy Noether, mother of the most beautiful theorem in the world

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She worked out a kink in general relativity and kickstarted the field of abstract algebra

Brittney Borowiec

Environmental Physiology

McMaster University

Meet Katherine Johnson, the computer who helped send men to the moon

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John Glenn wouldn't blast off until she double-checked the IBM's calculations

Jenny Howard


Wake Forest University

5 facts about Marie Curie, chemist, physicist, and Nobel legend

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She was the first woman to win one – much less two – Nobel Prizes

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds


McGill University

Five facts about Linda Buck, olfactory pioneer

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The Nobel Prize-winning biologist revolutionized how we think about our noses

3 incredible stories from the life of nanoscience pioneer Mildred Dresselhaus

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The “Queen of Carbon” didn’t earn her title by playing by the rules