Science Heroes

We love highlighting scientists you may not have heard of, often with a gorgeous illustration by cartoonist and neuroscientist Matteo Farinella. We even developed a deck of cards to celebrate great, under-appreciated figures from the annals of science. You can order our tarot deck in the Massive Science Shop.

Meet Katherine Johnson, the computer who helped send men to the moon

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John Glenn wouldn't blast off until she double-checked the IBM's calculations

Jenny Howard, Wake Forest University

Meet Antonia Maury, astronomy's renegade who changed the way we classify stars

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Maury was part of a group of brilliant women known as the "Harvard Computers"

Dori Grijseels, University of Sussex

Meet Alice Wilson, the Canadian geologist who did the work of five people

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Arianna Soldati, Ludwig-Maximillians Universitat Munchen

Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University

Meet Émilie du Châtelet, the French socialite who helped lay the foundations of modern physics

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She improved on Newton's work and outclassed Voltaire

Kelsey Lucas, University of Michigan

Rear Admiral Amazing Grace Hopper taught computers English

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Alyssa Shepard, The Scripps Research Institute

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Maria Goeppert Mayer discovered the magic numbers at the center of atoms

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She didn't have a paid professorship until three years before her Nobel prize

Lauren Mackenzie Reynolds, McGill University

Meet Hypatia, the ancient mathematician who helped preserve seminal texts

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Her dramatic death often overshadows her epic life, but it shouldn't

Brianna Bibel, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Four facts about Jane Goodall, primatologist, anthropologist, and activist

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Her unorthodox research showed us that chimpanzees are far more human than we thought

Brittney G. Borowiec, Wilfrid Laurier University