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Biology and Medicine

A physician assistant by training, I’m especially interested in figuring out ways that both patients and providers can thrive within the healthcare system

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Meet Virginia Apgar, the unlikely anesthesiologist who saved newborn babies

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Apgar's simple, standardized score helped decrease the startlingly high infant mortality rate

Shannon Casey

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New study shows how using machine learning in healthcare worsens inequality

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Predictive models lack the necessary context to interpret the data they are given

Octopus-inspired robot can climb ladders and walls

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New research highlights how mimicking nature makes for great design

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New wireless monitors let premature babies have skin-to-skin contact even in the NICU

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Premature and ill babies thrive with direct contact, but wires from traditional sensors get in the way

Akshata R. Naik

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A smell test can predict whether unresponsive patients will recover

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Smell could be the key to predicting recovery paths for people after brain injuries

Thiago Arzua

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