Thiago Arzua


Medical College of Wisconsin

Born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, Thiago Arzua now pursues his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Before that, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, with a minor in French, at the University of South Florida. His doctoral research focuses on human stem cells derived neuronal models, such as cerebral organoids. This cutting-edge type of 3D brain tissue can model a variety of brain diseases, as well as brain development, morphology, and physiology.

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People missing the scent region of their brain can still smell

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Scientists thought you needed an olfactory bulb to smell — then they discovered two unique women

Thiago Arzua

Miniature brains the size of a pea are sending out brainwaves for the first time

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Are they fetal brains in a jar? No. Should we still be excited and slightly concerned? Yes.

Thiago Arzua

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Could radiation in deep space fry astronauts' brains?

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New research in mice suggests that long-term low-dose radiation impairs learning and memory