Surviving the Anthropocene

For centuries, human civilization has impacted the world without any understanding of the consequences. If anything is going to survive what's coming next, it'll have to adapt. How did we get here? What could happen? What needs to change?

Reintroducing predators doesn't always rebalance ecosystems

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The wolves of Yellowstone were a media sensation, but not every environment responds the same way

Shi En Kim, University of Chicago

Elon Musk's climate change prize is empty and worthless

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Cassie Freund, Wake Forest University

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This is how climate change is reshaping the entire planet

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Elisa Bonnin, University of Washington

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Most people don't really understand how climate change works

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How climate works, how it's being altered, and what the future can hold

Laura Lyon, McGill University

Cod ears contain a long history of warming in the Atlantic Ocean

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Bones in fish ears have recorded evidence of a trend that could mean trouble for fish

Olivia Bernard

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Albatrosses can spy on illegal fishing in international waters

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Ashley Marranzino, University of Rhode Island

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