Lila Westreich

Pollinator Ecology

University of Washington

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. I study the foraging behavior of native bees in urban environments through genetic analysis of pollen.

I believe that we as scientists do a poor job of communicating their findings to the general public – especially when so much of science is behind a paywall. I do my best to share science in accessible ways.

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Climate change will make allergy sufferers suffer a little bit longer each year

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Data from 17 Northern Hemisphere locations indicates that plants are releasing more pollen and for a longer period of time as the globe warms

Lila Westreich

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Forest fires are good for bee populations

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Scientists identified twice as many bees at burned sites compared to unburned sites

Think mosquitoes only drink blood? Think again.

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Mosquitoes also drink nectar, serving as pollinators for certain types of orchids

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Bats' unique immune systems make them stealthy viral reservoirs

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These ecologically important animals have been at the center of many major viral outbreaks, and we are beginning to understand why

Marnie Willman

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40% of food in America ends up in the trash. Is nanopackaging the answer?

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Consumer habits aren't enough to curb the impacts of food waste — packaging companies have the opportunity to make a big difference

Emerson Grey

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