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University of Manitoba Bannatyne and National Microbiology Laboratory

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The rise of a mysterious lung illness begins to expose the dangers of vaping

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have reported at least 450 cases in 33 U.S. states, as policy makers call for action

A good defense is the best offense in medicine

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It may be perceived as "boring" or "routine," but preventative medicine should be a priority in today's health care system

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The gut microbiome can hit fast forward on Alzheimer's disease progression

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Male — but not female — mice had reduced amyloid beta plaques in the brain after antibiotic treatment

Jenna Sternberg

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Low-tech scientists are using their eyes, ears, and intuition to make important discoveries

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A fancy new satellite? A particle accelerator? Not required

Hannah Thomasy

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Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

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Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us

Olivia Box

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Alternative medicine could treat our maladies, but we have to study it

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It is sorely lacking in rigorous scientific research

Song-My Hoang

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Organic food is booming, but it's grinding field laborers into the dirt

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The well-being of organic farmworkers is falling to the wayside as we rapidly increase our consumption of these premium products

Nicholas Karavolias

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