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Molecular Biology

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Immunocompromised people must be a priority in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

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Vaccinating immunocompromised people will both protect their health and slow viral evolution

Francesco Zangari

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COVID-19 is setting back the lives and careers of young scientists

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How two graduate students are navigating science and graduation through a pandemic

Francesco Zangari

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Immature neurons in mammals' brains keep them adaptable

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New research uncovers how neuronal plasticity is maintained in mammal cerebral cortices

During the pandemic, mid-day might be the safest time to play soccer

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New research looks into how to keep sports leagues in play while minimizing COVID-19 spread

To understand SARS-CoV-2, scientists found its wild cousins

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The original host of this virus is still in question, but studying similar viruses can help us figure out how it evolved

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Storytelling is the antidote to Americans' mistrust of science

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Beyond just making us feel good and entertained, storytelling can effect change

Jamie L Peeler

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Can fitness bands predict COVID-19 infection before you show symptoms? Probably not

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WHOOP's wearables make strong claims — but the science is still weak

Matthew Bomkamp

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