Eva Colberg

Conservation ecology, Botany, and Myrmecology

University of Missouri - St. Louis

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How do you explain ant-mediated seed dispersal to a 5-year-old?

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Read how this scientist explained myrmecochory to a kid, a college student, and a professor.

Measuring the health of huge ecosystems is possible with the help of tiny ants

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A new study on ant communities in restored ecosystems underscores the importance of keeping forests and grasslands intact

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Animal "construction workers" rebuild natural landscapes more efficiently than humans ever could

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Ecosystem engineers like beavers and tortoises help restore water cycles and tree cover to degraded habitats

Jazmin Murphy

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Cod ears contain a long history of warming in the Atlantic Ocean

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Bones in fish ears have recorded evidence of a trend that could mean trouble for fish

Olivia Bernard

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Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

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Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us

Olivia Box

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