Olivia Bernard

I'm a freelance writer based in New England who writes about natural history, science, and the outdoors. I have research and outreach experience in paleoceanography and coastal ecology and am drawn to research that looks to the past to better understand the future.

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We must reckon with our ableism if we want healthcare to work for people

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People who had COVID-19 may need long-term care — the US healthcare system isn't ready

Olivia Bernard

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Cod ears contain a long history of warming in the Atlantic Ocean

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Bones in fish ears have recorded evidence of a trend that could mean trouble for fish

Olivia Bernard

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Sea-level rise is putting our marshes at risk

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The effects of a higher sea level will ripple through entire ecosystems

Olivia Bernard

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Despite the ADA, science often isn't accessible for disabled people

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Laboratories and field work aren't set up for disabled scientists. They must be

Prehistoric white sharks can help us save sharks in modern day

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How researchers found a two to five million year old shark nursery

This fish parasite can power itself without oxygen

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Meet Henneguya salminicola, a tiny animal that has upended our understanding of animal biology

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All conferences should be virtual in a post-coronavirus world

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For accessibility, financial, and environmental reasons, it just makes sense

Adam Fortais

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Our concept of life is too Earth-centric — alien life might look totally different

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There are over 100 scientific definitions of "life," and none might be accurate outside Earth

Alison Koontz

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