Fanni Daniella Szakal

Marine Biology and Science Journalism

I graduated in Bsc Biology from the University of Edinburgh and went on to do an Msc in Marine Biology at the University of Amsterdam. After my studies I decided to move into the direction of communicating Science in the form of Journalism and Documentary films. In the past years I had the opportunity to travel and conduct fieldwork all around the world including Honduras, Curacao, New Zealand, Nepal, and the Azores.

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Invasive species are pushing close to the boundaries of protected areas

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Protected areas are successful at maintaining ecosystems, but for how long?

Fanni Daniella Szakal

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Viruses exploit marine bacteria for energy

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These minuscule interactions could have ripple effects on global carbon dioxide levels

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Drug repurposing gave remdesivir its second, third, and fourth chance

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The antiviral has had a charmed life, failing multiple times but coming back again and again

Brittney G. Borowiec

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Antibiotics in fish farming create resistance and are an animal welfare disaster. It’s time for a change

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Aquaculture, like agriculture, has an antibiotic problem

Lauren Sara McKee

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