Amanda Rossillo

Evolutionary Anthropology

Duke University

I am an evolutionary anthropology PhD student at Duke University. My work on human evolution focuses on Homo naledi, a mysterious extinct human relative found in South Africa.

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A decoy may be the key to developing a vaccine against a deadly bioweapon

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New research shows how Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus attaches to cells, paving the way for a vaccine

Amanda Rossillo

DNA from a mummified bishop's lungs shows tuberculosis infected humans only recently

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New research resolves a scientific debate about when tuberculosis became established in humans

Amanda Rossillo

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Denisovans left their DNA traces in humans, but their fossils remain elusive

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New study digs into ancestries of people in Island Southeast Asia

The mysterious cause of sea star wasting syndrome is a mystery no more

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Sea stars suffer when microorganisms living on them suck up too much oxygen from the water

100 million year old giant sperm discovered in a Cretaceous crustacean

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New study uncovers ancient seed shrimp, and their ancient 'seed'

A new bird song has spread all over in North America

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Nearly all the white-throated sparrows are singing a new tune

Lizards beat the heat by finding new "microhabitats"

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The behavioral change offers refuge from large temperature swings

Neanderthals braided their own string

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A 40,000 year old cord made of plant fiber provides unprecedented insight into our extinct relatives

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Meet Hertha Ayrton, the mathematician who cleared WW1 trenches of poisonous gas

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Ayrton was the first woman to recieve the Hughes Medal for outstanding research in the field of energy, but still the Royal Society refused her membership

Joan Meiners

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Scientists are producing data without sharing it with people who actually need it

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Paywalls and language barriers make results inaccessible for local managers and residents

Maria Gatta

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