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Air quality monitors mounted on public transit see pollution other sensors miss

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Researchers in Salt Lake City are using light rail trains to measure the city's air pollution

Krystal Vasquez

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Can monitoring indoor carbon dioxide levels predict how COVID-safe a room is?

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The gas can be a proxy for stagnant air — but the answer is complicated

Aerosols from urban emissions can, literally, make it rain

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Atmospheric model of a Houston storm shows emissions increase rainfall intensity and occurrence

The US saw cleaner air during COVID-19 lockdowns, but some pollutants persisted

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Nitrogen dioxide levels dropped due to a sharp decrease in passenger cars on the road

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Chemicals called SVOCs, emitted from household objects, are altering children's microbiomes

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SVOCs are found in plastics, flooring, furniture, and more

Lila Westreich

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COVID-19 is setting back the lives and careers of young scientists

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How two graduate students are navigating science and graduation through a pandemic

Francesco Zangari

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