Luyi Cheng

Molecular Biology and Structural Biology

Northwestern University

I’m a biology PhD student at Northwestern University working on understanding RNA structures and how they fold. My main projects focus on studying RNA-based gene regulation systems in bacteria that have applications as antibiotic targets and bio-based water quality sensors. My self-declared side projects include learning and practicing ways to use science communication for more accessible and inclusive science, as well as reading and writing about the policies and impacts of biotechnology.

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Open access publishing is gaining steam, and the National Cancer Institute is now on board

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NCI joins Science Europe and the University of California system in making bold moves toward open access

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Low-tech scientists are using their eyes, ears, and intuition to make important discoveries

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A fancy new satellite? A particle accelerator? Not required

Hannah Thomasy

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Organic food is booming, but it's grinding field laborers into the dirt

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The well-being of organic farmworkers is falling to the wayside as we rapidly increase our consumption of these premium products

Nicholas Karavolias

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