Jennifer Tsang


I'm a science editor and freelance science writer. I completed a PhD in microbiology and studied antimicrobial resistance as a postdoctoral fellow. In my free time, I write for my own microbiology blog called The Microbial Menagerie and for the American Society for Microbiology.

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Should you let your dog lick your face?

Dogs stick their noses in everything, but many people believe their saliva is beneficial

Three times Louise Slaughter used her microbiology training in Congress

The lawmaker, the only microbiologist in Congress, pushed for public health reform

Don't fear germs – at least not too much

Microbes are neither purely 'good' nor 'bad'

How paper towels could revolutionize DNA analysis

A new method could make it more affordable to diagnose diseases

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Can corals be saved? The key may be in their microbes

Biologists are studying corals with techniques designed for humans

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