Jennifer Tsang


I'm a science editor and freelance science writer. I completed a PhD in microbiology and studied antimicrobial resistance as a postdoctoral fellow. In my free time, I write for my own microbiology blog called The Microbial Menagerie and for the American Society for Microbiology.

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Do animals hear music? "The Evolving Animal Orchestra" follows a decade on the beat

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Macaques, chimps, and one very smart bird take Henkjan Honing down a winding path

Should you let your dog lick your face?

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Dogs stick their noses in everything, but many people believe their saliva is beneficial

Three times Louise Slaughter used her microbiology training in Congress

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The lawmaker, the only microbiologist in Congress, pushed for public health reform

How paper towels could revolutionize DNA analysis

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A new method could make it more affordable to diagnose diseases

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What do we really know about the safety of probiotics?

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Messing with our gut microbiome could hurt us

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Can corals be saved? The key may be in their microbes

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Biologists are studying corals with techniques designed for humans

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