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Can AI help diagnose depression? It's a long shot

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At the moment, machine intelligence is just as subjective as human intelligence

Alejandra Canales

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The unknowns of US immigration policy are increasing anxiety among first-generation Latinx teens

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More studies on the long-term health consequences of these policies on immigrant families are urgently needed

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Lead poisoning hits low-income children harder than their affluent neighbors

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Children living in poverty suffer greater cognitive and physical effects from lead exposure than children from richer families, even if they live in the same area

Claudia López Lloreda

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Early diagnosis of Parkinson's is becoming possible, but how early do patients want to know?

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Each person's disease journey is different, and an early diagnosis is not necessarily a timely diagnosis

Monica Javidnia

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How do we measure pain, anyway?

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You can't exactly ask a rat to point to where it hurts

Jeremy Delahanty

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