Monica Javidnia


University of Rochester

I’m a neuropharmacologist in Rochester, NY studying Parkinson’s disease progression and treatment response.

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Early diagnosis of Parkinson's is becoming possible, but how early do patients want to know?

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Each person's disease journey is different, and an early diagnosis is not necessarily a timely diagnosis

Monica Javidnia

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A parasitic flatworm is one of nature's spookiest creatures

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Leucochloridium paradoxum is a parasitic flatworm that uses both mind control and mimicry to trick birds into eating it

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Here's how to make health technology accessible to everyone

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Often, these solutions leave out the people who need them most

Sophie Okolo

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Viruses can infect the brain, hide out for decades, and then cause Viral Parkinsonism

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How do you study a disease that takes decades to reveal itself? In this case, scientists used mice, viruses, and a little immunotherapy

Marnie Willman

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A failed Alzheimer's drug stops cancer cells from shedding their coats and hiding from the immune system

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A chance reading and a fortuitous overlap between Alzheimer's and multiple myeloma biology gave a failed drug new life

Christina Marvin

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Testing drugs on stem cells in petri dishes may revolutionize our understanding of difficult-to-study diseases

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Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is even more exciting for ALS patients.

Carina Seah

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Alternative medicine could treat our maladies, but we have to study it

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It is sorely lacking in rigorous scientific research

Song-My Hoang

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