Sophie Okolo

Health Technology

Sophie is passionate about improving healthcare through research, innovations, and collaboration. Her insights and bylines have appeared on Forbes, MarketWatch, PBS Next Avenue, Future Science, and Pfizer Get Old among others.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics, master’s degree in community health and a graduate certificate in gerontology. Her work focuses on preventing Alzheimer’s disease, improving the quality of life for older people, and increasing awareness of preventive healthcare strategies.

An advocate for STEM inclusion, Sophie supports various causes that advance female and minority representation.

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Loneliness is an epidemic, and we can turn to technology to fix it

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Loneliness is especially a problem for older adults. The solution? More inclusive design.

Sophie Okolo

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Medical costs for older adults are going up. Self-care technology can help

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But how do we make new technology a daily habit?

Sophie Okolo

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Elderly patients are being excluded from breakthroughs in diabetes science

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We need more inclusivity in research, and technology geared towards older patients.

Caregiving is increasingly falling to young people, especially minority millenials

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Employers and government have a responsibility to help ease the burden for those caring for loved ones with dementia

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What if we treated all sick people the way we treat people with a terminal disease?

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Palliative care can increase the quality of life for all patients

Gabriela Serrato Marks

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The medical jump from mice to humans just got easier

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Machine learning technology could help researchers determine what mouse data are useful when designing human clinical trials

Kimberly McCoy

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When finding a mate, intelligence matters to female parakeets

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A new study finds that female budgies are attracted to smarter partners

Therese Koch

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