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Warming oceans cast a chill over New England's sea turtles

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Recent research suggests warming seas will cause more stranded sea turtles

These unregulated, potentially dangerous chemicals are probably already in your bloodstream

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Researchers have known that there are unsafe compounds in our water for decades, but the government is just starting to catch up

After Hurricane Florence, North Carolina's water quality will go down the toilet

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Floodwaters contaminated with coal ash, human sewage, and animal waste throw the entire watershed out of balance

Why don't Americans care about chemicals?

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We need chemicals for daily life, but seem to feel 'apocalypse fatigue' around their dangers

Low doses of contaminants, long ignored, can have vast consequences

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Scientists found cocaine – and a lot of other chemicals – in Minnesota snow

How Shark Week hurts the very creatures it celebrates

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Showing attacks makes people less likely to support protecting sharks, though they rarely bite people unless we harm their food system

We've poured thousands of manmade chemicals into the ocean. Now they're mixing in unpredictable ways.

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We're just starting to learn about the effects of POP soup and what we can do about it.

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Humans appear to be worse for animals than radioactive fallout

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Chernobyl's nuclear disaster reveals the unpredictability of evolution

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Toxic chemicals are being freed from melting glaciers

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Scientists are finding decades-old DDT and PCB flowing from the Tibetan Plateau

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Pollution and climate change hurt children most of all

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An ER doctor explains how these shifts compound childhood illness

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Only eight hurricanes hit New England in 100 years. Soon more will head for Boston

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Climate change is shifting storm paths, and new targets are underprepared

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Scientists just cut the tolerable intake of PFAs by 99.9%

Poly- and  perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) repel both oil and water. So, as Anna Robuck wrote last fall:

"...PFASs are everywhere: fire-fighting foams, nonstick cookware like  Teflon, stain-resistant carpet, water-resistant clothing, food  packaging, compostable plates, some cosmetics, and other consumer  products that repel oil, grease, or water." 

They're ubiquitous, and because of that, they end up in our bodies. Now, the European Food Safety Authority says that humans can tolerate approximately...*pulls out adding machine*....99.9% of what they've been exposed to in the past

In respone to this news, Robuck shared her thoughts: 

 "Ugh. Add this to the very-recent news that the US will refuse to set drinking water limits for these compounds

My family lives near DuPont HQ, and some back of the envelope  calculations suggest they (we) are drinking the weekly limit suggested  in your link over the course of about three hours."