Michael Graw

Microbial Ecology

Oregon State University

Michael Graw is a fourth-year PhD student at Oregon State University researching the microbial ecology of marine sediments โ€“ why do we find microbes where they are in the seafloor, and what are they doing there?

Only eight hurricanes hit New England in 100 years. Soon more will head for Boston

Climate change is shifting storm paths, and new targets are underprepared

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We know how to fight wildfires effectively. Why don't we do it?

Prescribed burns lessen the damage, but the risk repels lawmakers

The soil microbiome could change agricultureโ€”if we can understand it

Tinkering with the buzzing "social network" in the soil could be a new frontier for making crops grow faster and healthier.

These tiny methane-eating organisms have an outsize impact on our climate models

They don't need as much oxygen as we think, and that's a big deal for climate scientists.

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Can better sleep help protect us from trauma?

A new study suggests REM sleep may make us less vulnerable to PTSD

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Beetles exploit bacteria labor to grow their exoskeletons

New research has revealed a "symbiotic organ" in weevils, showing how tiny organisms shape larger life

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Scientists have learned to grow brain tissue to 100x (just add water)

A new technique to expand cells seems like science fiction: it lets researchers bypass laws of microscope physics

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