James R. Howe VI

Neuroscience and Genetics

UC San Diego

I am a grad student at UCSD studying the diversity of our brain cells and how it contributes to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as memory and fear.

I enjoy watching basketball, listening to R&B, and taking long walks on the beach.

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Massive Science Report № 3

You Are What You Meat

We worked with scientists in the field to explain how we’re growing meats in labs—and when you can eat them. It's your introduction to the next agricultural revolution.

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Humans are two developmental stages away from monkeys

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Less than 50 of our 20,000 genes are unique to humans. What separates us from monkeys?

James R. Howe VI

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Raising animals for meat creates lots of problems. Lab-grown meat could provide solutions

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Cultured meat is the next step in a long history of alternatives to conventional meat

James R. Howe VI

Human and reptile brains aren't so different after all

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Reports of our brains' differences seem greatly exaggerated, according to recent neuroscience

James R. Howe VI