Sarah Laframboise


University of Ottawa

Biochemistry Master’s student at the University of Ottawa. Avid traveler, hockey player and lover of science.

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In the ruling against Caster Semenya, bogus science is being used to stifle the vulnerable

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Faulty research is a pretext for denying Semenya the use of her own body

Sarah Laframboise

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Bioengineered yeast can produce the active ingredients of marijuana better than the plant

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Now, new and rare THCs and CBDs may be on the horizon

Sarah Laframboise

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Being a Pokémon Master in childhood permanently alters your brain

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Hours spent catching 'em all primes the brain to recognize familiar, pixelated Pikachus

Hannah Thomasy

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Biodiversity loss is the very real end of the world and no one is acting like it

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Radical, wholesale change is needed right this second and cannot be delayed

Cassie Freund

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