Sara Oliveira

Tissue Engineering

International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of Food Processing and Nutrition Group at INL which is located in Portugal. I’m working in the research line of 3D Food Printing and also directed towards the exciting field of cultured meat. I have a graduated degree in biomedical engineering and a PhD in Bioengineering, whose specialized research in biomaterials and tissue engineering started on 2009. I hope I can give a positive contribute on the development of 3D cultured meat using my ‘hybrid’ know-how.

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Massive Science Report № 3

You Are What You Meat

We worked with scientists in the field to explain how we’re growing meats in labs—and when you can eat them. It's your introduction to the next agricultural revolution.

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Sara Oliveira

Here's how we're growing meat in labs instead of in animals

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Sara Oliveira