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Neuroscience and Behavior

National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

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Special white blood cells heal our wounds with jolt of energy

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These cells, called macrophages, can both cause and alleviate pain

Cold-sensing neurons help tell animals when to hibernate

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This brings new insight into how mammals and birds survive frigid winters

Yeah, one fish, two fish, but can fish actually count?

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Studying zebrafish could help us unravel the neural circuitry underlying numerical skills

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Rare spindle-shaped neurons from deep inside the brain recorded for the first time

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Losing the mysterious cells may lead to Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, or other neurological disorders

Burcin Ikiz

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While you sleep, specialized neurons in your brain help you forget

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Forgetting has long been considered a passive process in the brain, but new research puts that idea to bed

Kamila Kourbanova

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Fights are good for science. Just ask Elizabeth Nolan or Louis Pasteur

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Disagreements over Nolan's findings on slowing down bacteria are just part of a healthy scientific process

Lauren Gandy

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Viruses can infect the brain, hide out for decades, and then cause Viral Parkinsonism

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How do you study a disease that takes decades to reveal itself? In this case, scientists used mice, viruses, and a little immunotherapy

Marnie Willman

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Feel like quitting? Blame your brain cells

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Understanding the biological mechanisms of “giving up” in fish may teach us about complex human behaviors

Claudia Lopez-Lloreda

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