Hayden Waller

Evolutionary Biology

Cornell University

Born in the Sawtooth Mountains of southern Idaho, currently living in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York.

I love stories and I love science.

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Animals, plants, and even some bacteria use hypodermic needles

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Needles are everywhere in nature, evolving independently many times in a variety of organisms

Hayden Waller

Choosing which anemone species to call home has dramatic consequences for young clownfish

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New research details why clownfish living in different types of anemones develop stripes at different times

Hayden Waller

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Female jumping spiders favor the most aggressive males

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A new study provides evidence for sexual selection in these spiders

Paper wasps can recognize each other's faces, some broods more than others

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A new brood of wasps in Pennsylvania lacks the species's distinctive facial markings and recognition

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How COVID-19's Delta variant upended the world's fall plans

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The pandemic will end eventually, but it's going to take a while

Sara May Bergstresser

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Let's go to Venus!

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NASA's new DAVINCI+ and VERITAS missions will explore Venus

Briley Lewis

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