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Feeling down or bored? Watching a nature documentary can help!

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COVID-19 is making travel impossible, but Netflix-based nature could help your mood

Painting the blades of wind turbines helps birds avoid them

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A Norwegian study found avian fatalities fell 70 percent after painting one blade black

Fruit flies behave more bravely in groups than on their own

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Researchers identify how fruit flies communicate safety to each other

Lactose tolerance spread through Europe faster than previously thought

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A new study traces the prevalence of a lactose-tolerance mutation through genetic analysis of Bronze Age bones

Why do some islands have more species than others?

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New research on island birds confirms key aspects of a 60-year-old theory

Male mosaic canaries are more colorful than their female counterparts thanks to one gene

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Researchers found that carotenoid pigments in female canaries' feathers break down faster than in males

A new malaria vaccine made from the rodent malaria parasite is effective in humans

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It reduced parasite load in clinical trial volunteers by 95%

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DNA from a mummified bishop's lungs shows tuberculosis infected humans only recently

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New research resolves a scientific debate about when tuberculosis became established in humans

Amanda Rossillo

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Invasive species are pushing close to the boundaries of protected areas

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Protected areas are successful at maintaining ecosystems, but for how long?

Fanni Daniella Szakal

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'Hyper urban' coyote genomes are growing apart from their city and rural cousins

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Humans’ built environment has consequences even for creatures that seem to thrive in cities

Jaime Chambers

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