Undergraduate students

Last updated
August 25, 2021

As of June 2020, undergraduates are officially invited to join the Massive Science Consortium! 

Types of contributions

Undergraduate students can write and submit lab notes and peer commentary. As a reminder, we strongly encourage all members to stick to fields they are most familiar with.

In the future, undergrads may also have the opportunity to pitch full pieces, but right now we are not accepting pitches for full-length stories from undergrads.

We are willing to make exceptions to this rule; for example, if you are an undergraduate author who has more than a year of research experience in the topic you choose to write about. If you have a strong case for why you should write the story you want to pitch, email us at

Payment and Certification

Undergrads will be paid $20 per accepted Lab Note. 

We're still working out a certification plan for undergraduates - we'll keep you updated!