How can we responsibly explore the unknown?

Watch the final episode of our animated Frankenstein series, Reanimation!

Produced in partnership with ASU Center for Science and the Imagination

Reanimation! is a seven-part series created by seven animation teams and 12 scientists, writers, engineers, physicists, and an archaeologist, on the lasting impact of Shelley’s famous work. 

Each episode waxes poetic about different scientific, ethical, and philosophical domains and the lessons we’ve collectively learned from Dr. Frankenstein’s mistakes and triumphs.

In the seventh episode, Playing God, Britt Wray, science communicator, Sara Imari Walker, theoretical physicist, and Genevieve Dewar, paleoanthropologist and archaeologist, discuss how open, ethical debates between researchers and the public are the only way forward when dealing with the unknown. With whirlwind animation by the stop-motion artist Caitlin Craggs and sound by Skillbard.