Adelita Mendoza

Metal Biology

Washington University in St. Louis

I am a Post-Doctoral Associate at Washington University in St. Louis where I study zinc metabolism by studying specific zinc transporters involved mobilizing zinc around the intestine in the über model system, C. elegans. Previously as a Ph.D. student at Northwestern, I studied the relationship between zinc and meiotic progression in developing C. elegans embryos.

Aside from my work as a scientist, I am also a CrossFit athlete who also cross-trains in yoga/calisthenics/ballet. I like to read about how food affects athletic performance and overall health. I love science fiction books/movies, music, and animals. I brew kombucha for fun (or maybe because I can’t stop drinking the stuff??).

I believe in just being a good human being. Treat others with respect and compassion and we will all be alright.

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