Erin Martin-Jones

I am a geologist, more specifically a geochronologist - I date when things happened in the past. I undertook my PhD at Aberystwyth University, where I studied volcanoes in Ethiopia, trying to identify when they last erupted and which pose a risk to communities. Most recently I was a research assistant at the University of Cambridge with the DeepCHALLA project. We’ve been reconstructing how the climate of East Africa has changed over the last 250,000 years.

An avid science communicator, I love telling stories about the world around us. My writing explores the importance of geosciences in our society; from tackling climate change with sustainable energies to increasing our resilience to natural hazards. Feel free to ask about my rock collection!

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Geologists find evidence of two new supervolcano eruptions at Yellowstone

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Their trends suggest that the next eruption won't happen for a long time