Sara Wong


University of Nottingham

I am PhD student at the University of Nottingham UK, researching preclinical intranasal oxytocin delivery. I enjoy teaching and science outreach alongside my research. When I am not doing science, you can find me in the gym/at my pole fitness classes/doing photography!

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Overactive neurons may explain why some people develop stress-induced anxiety and depression

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The research also points to sex differences in how male and female mice respond to stressful events

Tracking specific hair cells reveals how stress causes gray hair

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The science of why stress changes hair color

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Drug repurposing gave remdesivir its second, third, and fourth chance

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The antiviral has had a charmed life, failing multiple times but coming back again and again

Brittney G. Borowiec

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Meet Hertha Ayrton, the mathematician who cleared WW1 trenches of poisonous gas

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Ayrton was the first woman to recieve the Hughes Medal for outstanding research in the field of energy, but still the Royal Society refused her membership

Joan Meiners

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