📦 New edition!

Women of Science Tarot

A card game for telling stories about our future, based on principles of science. This unique tarot deck was made possible by more than 300 Kickstarter backers.

Where can I buy the deck? The new edition of the deck, created in partnership with MIT Press, is now available through major booksellers, including Bookshop

Is this science? No, it's a game! The Women of Science Tarot Deck is a game of cards for telling stories: stories about our lives, stories about our universe, and stories about our future. We’ve updated our tarot to reflect our scientific, 21st-century curiosity about how the world works. It's a modern, feminist tarot deck that anyone can enjoy.

Why are you doing this? Our main goal as science communicators is to get people excited about science, to make science a more inclusive space, and to give people a sense of agency in scientific spaces. We don't think creativity, storytelling, magical thinking, and scientific thinking are totally disparate subjects. Here's a longer answer, by the illustrator himself:

Meet the women

This deck features 56 incredible women in STEM throughout history. Find their stories, and more, in our Science Heroes series: