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Rear Admiral Amazing Grace Hopper taught computers English

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She recorded the first computer bug when a moth got caught in a relay switch

Alyssa Shepard

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We can detect and treat it better than ever, but preventing cancer is still far out of reach

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The search for clues has led researchers to study animals who don't develop cancer at all

Alyssa Shepard

Do naked mole rats hold the answers to cancer prevention and aging?

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Their genes don't create faulty cells the way ours do

Alyssa Shepard

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The unique chemistry of cats' guts make them the perfect host for Toxoplasma gondii

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This information might allow Toxoplasma researchers to switch from lab cats to lab rats

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Neurons and cancer cells are a dangerous duo

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New research finds that neurons migrate from the brain to infiltrate cancer cells, and that targeting this process is a promising new method of attack on cancer.

Claudia López Lloreda

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