Caitlyn Finton

Behavioral Neuroscience

Cornell University

I am a PhD student at Cornell University studying the link between brain and behavior. I’m most excited about social behavior because it is such a large part of everyday life. I specifically investigate the link between memory structures in the brain and monogamy in the prairie vole, a small, mouse-like rodent.

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Female toads breed with a different species when it helps their tadpoles survive

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Could changing environments lead to more hybridization?

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The genes of 600-year-old ginkgo trees are just as active as their teenage counterparts

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Ancient trees reveal the secret to their virtual immortality

Luyi Cheng

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EEG research is racially biased, so undergrad scientists designed new electrodes to fix it

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'Sevo' electrodes are designed with coarse, curly hair in mind

Danielle Nadin

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