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Is dark matter just made of "antimatter nuggets"?

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New research asks how the world would look if chunks of antimatter collided with people, rocks, and stars

Eleni Petrakou

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How a balloon flying over Antarctica made parallel universes tabloid fodder

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No, scientists did not discover evidence for a parallel universe in the Antarctic ice

Eleni Petrakou

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2000-year-old shipwreck will help catch elusive neutrinos traveling from distant supernovae

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Scientists say that ancient lead from the Roman ship is better suited than new metal

Physicists measured general relativity's effects using clocks

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The findings will let us apply the theory here on Earth

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EEG research is racially biased, so undergrad scientists designed new electrodes to fix it

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'Sevo' electrodes are designed with coarse, curly hair in mind

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