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The butyrate produced by your gut bugs is good for your health

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Gut bacteria make butyrate when they break down resistant starches. But the science of how you can boost it is proving to be personal

Elise Cutts

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Geologist uses ocean floor to solve the mystery of the Tibetan plateau

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The details of how the "Roof of the World" formed have long been a geologic riddle

Correctly identifying life on Mars will be more difficult than previously thought

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New research highlights how mineral components of rock can look a lot like fossils

Bacteria mix their genomes with partners so much they turn themselves into hybrids

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Bacteria share genes — including those for antibiotic resistance — like trading cards

Marine archaea make oxygen in the dark using nitrite

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Meet Nitrosopumilus maritimus, which is capable of a never-before-seen oxygen synthesis method

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The lab-leak hypothesis for COVID-19 is becoming a conspiracy theory

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To explain where SARS-CoV-2 came from, look at processes with scientific explanations and precedents

Dan Samorodnitsky

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