Jackie Grimm

Molecular Biology

Princeton University

I study how Gram-negative bacteria build their outer membranes, which is interesting because the compartment between the inner and outer membranes, the periplasm, lacks any conventional source of energy.

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You Don't Know GMOs

We've gathered a team of geneticists, biologists, and environmental scientists to bring you the most up-to-date report on the science, history, and safety of genetically-modified organisms.

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This is how the light from your phone breaks your internal clock

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It's not just sleep: circadian rhythms influence your metabolism, circulation and psychology, too

What is genetic modification?

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It's surprisingly difficult to pin down a conclusive definition

Like dogs? They're genetically modified organisms (from a certain point of view)

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Humanity's best friend, like crops and livestock, are the product of centuries of manipulation

Feeding the world as the climate changes will depend on genetic engineering

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CRISPR and other tech could help us produce more food, but only if we drop the GMO stigma

How scientists use light to manipulate cells with the flick of a switch

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Optogenetics lets us probe the inner workings of cells with unprecedented precision